Rebecca is passionate about helping people restore their balance through using food as medicine. Through individual counseling, motivation, and group classes Rebecca can help you reach your health goals!

Rebecca received her certificate of Nutrition Consultant through California-state certified Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. She has experience with recipe development, cookbook development, endless meal plan development, working in Dining with Diabetes programs, and experience working with Holistic Dietitians to help create wellness program, and she is now ready to launch her own business and help you get well! With her own digestive issues and previous weight loss success Rebecca is particularly interested in weight loss and digestive health but has education in a number of different conditions as well and is ready to help anyone ready to get well. Check out her services page to see how she can help.

As a Nutrition Consultant in private practice, Rebecca offer’s one-on-one consultations including computerized diet analysis, diet journal evaluations, individualized meal plans, goal setting, cooking and shopping tips, as well as individualized dietary and supplement recommendations.  Rebecca also holds group weight loss classes, teaches various healthy eating classes and offers grocery store tours and kitchen makeovers. Check out her events and groups page for the most up to date events.

Outside of nutrition, Rebecca loves to cook and is a total fitness enthusiast with some of her favorite fitness activities being running, yoga, spinning, and going hiking with her husband Marcus and 2 boxer pups Levi and Tucker.

Rebecca can be contacted at :

Rebecca@holisticbalancenutrition.com or 610-202-7644

Additional Education:

  • Leaky Gut webinar 2015: Jordan Reasoner & Sara Gottfried M.D.


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