Monday’s Holistic Beauty Round-Up


I don’t know about you, but using natural beauty products is super important to me.

Commercial beauty products are often loaded with chemicals and toxins that can disrupt the immune, and endocrine systems not to mention they cause all sorts of yucky skin irritations. Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just what you put in your body, it also means taking a close look as to what you are putting ON your body.

I started to examine the beauty products I was using about 5 years ago after delving into the Holistic Health field. The ingredients I found in some of my beauty products were just downright scary.

Some of the common ingredients I found were:

Formaldehyde: Yes, formaldehyde. How terrifying is that? Formaldehyde can be found in nail products, hair dye, and even fake eyelash adhesive. That’s the scariest thing to me…us girls are actually putting formaldehyde containing products in our eyes…This madness needs to stop!

Fragrances: While many of your products may have a nice floral scent, this doesn’t come without consequence. Fragrance is linked to things like headaches, asthma, and allergies and can be the source of a number of chemicals. Be careful with what highly perfumed product you are buying and stick to a more natural essential oil based product.

Parabens: Parabens are often found in skin care products and can cause endocrine disruptions, and even reproductive issues!

Some of my Favorite Natural Holistic Beauty Finds This Week:

1. Nubian Raw Shea butter Hand Cream: I never realized how much I LOVE the smell of shea butter until I bought this hand cream! This hand cream is awesome for anyone with dry hands, and can even be used to help reduce stretch marks….bonus! This particular product is:

a. Made in the USA

b. Sustainably produced

c. Not tested on animals

d. Contains a number of certified organic ingredients


2. Alaffia Whipped Body Butter Vanilla Spice: Sticking with the hand cream trend, this is another one of my favorites. I have actually been using this one for quite some time and love it. It’s super moisturizing and reminds me of vanilla and pumpkin spiced muffins I make during the fall season. (Which is upon crazy is that?!) This product is:

a. Made in the USA

b. Unrefined

c. Made with certified fair trade shea butter

d. Not tested on animals

e. Vegan

f. Gluten Free

g. Paraben Free


3. Dr. Bronner’s 18 in 1 Hemp Lavender Pure Castile Soap: This is by far my all-time favorite body wash! This can also be used as a shaving cream, laundry detergent, and an all-purpose cleaner to name a few, so you certainly get your money’s worth with this one. If you’re looking for a gentle fragrance to calm the senses try this amazing body wash full of amazing ingredients. Some of the highlights of this product include:

a. Certified Fair Trade

b. Made with organic oils

c. 100% recycle plastic bottle


That wraps up my Monday Holistic Beauty round up. I hope you all have a beautiful holistically healthy and happy week ahead!




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