Nutrition Find Wednesday

Yay it’s hump day everyone!!! I am particularly excited to share my post with you today, because I have decided to start a new segment called “Nutrition Find’s Wednesday” where I get to share my cool nutrition finds of the week.

Being a Nutritionist is so much fun in so many different ways, and I am always striving to try new and exciting foods and health products. I also am lucky enough to live very close to both a Whole Food’s and brand new Wegmans which makes finding new and awesome foods super easy.

This week I found so many things and wanted to share my top picks with you.

The winner out of this group of finds is Purely Elizabeth’s granola! I love her brand, and her granola is gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, low glycemic and does not contain any refined sugar. It found it’s way it’s my oats, and on my acai bowls this week! Even though I typically make a batch of homemade granola every week for the hubby and I to compliment smoothies and other healthy snacks, I think this one may actually become a staple in my house.

The runner up is the Hail Merry chocolate macaroons. Now I don’t normally eat sweets like granola and macaroons on a daily or even weekly basis but the hubby was so sweet and bought these for me over the weekend. He really try’s to help find yummy treats for me when he can knowing how hard that can be with food allergies! If you are looking for something to satisfy a sweet tooth or to compliment a good cup of tea, these are it! They are so rich and decadent and definitely better for you than a processed cookie full of refined flours and sugar!


Next up are the garden veggie burgers from Sunshine Burgers. These are quarter bounder veggie burgers that are full of plant based protein and healthy fats! Again this is something I wouldn’t eat daily since they are so rich, but if you are craving a burger and want something more plant based try one of these! These are great on a gluten free bun with some lettuce, tomato and sliced avocado!


Lastly is this delicious Teecino herbal tea. This tea tastes like coffee I swear! I have not had a cup of coffee in years however sipping on this brought me back to my coffee drinking days. Not only is this a great coffee alternative but it is caffeine free and made from dandelion root which is an excellent liver detoxifier. I enjoyed this with a little coconut milk and a teaspoon of pure maple syrup. I have also heard people say this tea helps to combat late night sugar cravings!


Overall my nutrition finds this week were all a win, and I had so much fun trying new things and sharing them with you!  Check back every Wednesday for some more Nutrition Find Wednesdays and let me know if there is something you would like to see listed on my healthy nutrition find lists!


And Stay warm my friends…it’s freeeeezing here on the East Coast!

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