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Meet Rebecca

Are you looking for a Nutritionist to help you eat to promote health, but tired of all the dieting, and calorie counting? Rebecca believes in a non-traditional approach to health and wellness, and uses a whole foods no diet approach in her practice! Rebecca will work with you to create the perfect plan for you and your body. No two people are the same, and everyone’s nutritional needs are different.

Rebecca works with clients worldwide via Skype and she hopes to work with you to help you find your balance!

Virtual Nutrition Coaching!

Nutrition coaching from the comfort of your own home. Work with Rebecca to start a diet free approach to health and wellness! If you’re tired of starting diets that don’t work, sick of feeling tired and worn down, not sure if the foods you are eating are making you sick, and are ready to find your root cause, then click below to find a package that works for you. Get ready to feel radiant, healthy, and strong.

Community Blog

A place to learn about healthy nutrition tips, product reviews, and delicious recipes developed by Rebecca!

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How Can I Help?

Weight Loss

With an individualized and a no-diet approach to weight loss, Rebecca will show you just how easy and delicious healthy living can be! Forget the diets, and calorie counting, it’s all about enjoying REAL foods. Rebecca can help you uncover possible causes of weight loss resistance, and help you work towards your weight loss goals, all while restoring balance.

Digestive Health

Without proper digestion, everything else will be out of whack. Rebecca can help you boost your digestive system by using food as medicine! Suffer with reflux, IBS, leaky gut….? Holistic Nutrition may just be the answer!

Food Sensitivities

Rebecca can help you uncover possible food sensitives. Suffer with chronic skin issues, a weak immune system, and a chronic upset stomach? A food sensitivity may be the cause.

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